©monakuhn Silhouette Kingsroad

Galerie XII Paris invites to explore into the captivating world of Mona Kuhn’s latest exhibition, “Kings Road”, spanning from November 6, 2023, to January 23, 2024.

Mona Kuhn, a distinguished German-Brazilian photographer, has established herself as a visionary artist, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art through her unique exploration of the nude form and the interplay between light, architecture, and the human body. Beyond her prowess in fine art photography, Kuhn’s collaborations with renowned fashion brands, captivating portraits of well-known figures, and extensive curatorial contributions highlight the depth of her artistic journey. For over two decades, Kuhn has utilized photography and lens-based media art to re-examine figurative discourse, uncovering both the physical and metaphysical presence within the human figure. In her latest exhibition, “Kings Road”, Kuhn delves into the subjects of LOVE and FATE, set against the backdrop of the historic Kings Road House, designed by architect Rudolph Schindler in 1922 in West Hollywood.

The Kings Road House, a revolutionary architectural experiment from the 1920s, serves as an avant-garde hub that once hosted a constellation of influential artists and intellectuals. Kuhn’s fascination with this historic dwelling, characterized by its Spartan simplicity and exposed materials, drives her to employ experimental techniques that blur the boundaries between the tangible and the intangible. Through the use of solarization, an experimental darkroom technique, Kuhn challenges the conventional nature of photography, producing images that exist on the cusp of the real and the metaphysical.

Inspired by personal reminders found in Rudolph Schindler’s archives, Kuhn selects a handwritten letter to an unknown woman as a focal point for her narrative. This mysterious woman, embodied as Schindler’s lover, traverses the residence, her presence melding with the exposed skin and bare structures of the house. The incorporation of solarization oxidizes the photographic silver, creating images that oscillate between material and ethereal realms.

©monakuhn Dream Kingsroad
DREAM, Kings Road © MonaKuhn
©monakuhn Interleaved Kingsroad
INTERLEAVED, Kings Road ©MonaKuhn

For Kuhn, architecture encapsulates the figure, just as the figure embodies the mind. Her exploration of the emotions and vibrations within architectural spaces in the Kings Road series becomes a compelling testament to her ability to push the boundaries of both photography and architecture.

Looking forward, Mona Kuhn anticipates her artistic evolution with enthusiasm, currently immersed in three distinct series that promise to further showcase her innovative and thought-provoking works. “Kings Road” stands as a testament to Kuhn’s artistic depth, inviting viewers to contemplate the metaphysics of human relations through the lens of one of today’s visionary photographers.